Jul 11, 2010

When learning French leads to French fucking

Chelsea need my help to help her husband get some basic expressions in French as he was about to leave to Monaco for a big business meeting. What she didn't know was that I performed shows in front of my webcam and that her husband was the naughtiest webcams.com member around, so just picture the sparks coming out of this tutoring session... And during the first session, Philip asked me the most provocative questions such as [how do how does ?I'd bang you deep in the ass? sound like in French. Soon after, I was intaking cock on his piano because his wife was at work for another three hours or so. Later that night she thanked me and explained that he's been talking in French all night. I really don't wanna know the exact words he used :)Click here to view our last show pics and here to view our profile and find out more about us.