Jul 20, 2010

No need to fake my orgasm

Can't understand why some girls fake orgasms. There is no good reason to do it and I also like to keep my webcam shows real so when my webcams.com visitors watch me twist and twirl, I'm not faking a thing... Larry however, my latest boy toy, told me to moan with pleasure whether I felt something or not because he got heavily aroused listening to girls scream like that. But imagine that this big bully made me feel so fucking amazing that I didn't have to fake anything... He nicely squeezed on my boobs and rimmed me from behind at an incredible speed, growing an immense orgasm in me. I soon started moaning and screaming as I knew that when I did cum there would have been a grand explosion...And I wasn't wrong. Once I felt him cuming inside me I squirted all over the place, loosing control over my muscles and having constant pleasure spasms... It appears that my new bang buddy and I are on the same pleasure track...Click here to view our last show pics and here to view our profile and find out more about us.