Jul 3, 2010


Jessie, one of the webcams models that I made friends with, was getting married and called me to tell me about how she had second thoughts about going straight for good. So obviously I had to put my webcam shows on hold and hurry to her apartment to offer her some warm comforting. We got on prattling and I immediately understood that her biggest problem was that it seemed like a very serious decision to leave girls alone for ever, so I tried cooling her down. I explained that we can still do the naughty things we used to do together without anyone knowing and that I was perfectly fine with it. She smiled and stripped at the same time asking for my special pussy licking treat. And before she knew it, my mouth was full of pussy...her pussy that is... After tones of fun together I promised her to wink at the wedding :)Click here to view our last show pics and here to view our profile and find out more about us.
I kept her some lesbian company