Jul 15, 2010

A girl who wanted to see me change in the locker

Working out gets me up and running so I always do it after wrapping up my webcam shows. But two weeks ago something totally unexpected happened in the changing room as I was preparing to strip down and change into fresh clothes. It seems that one of the other girls in there made it obvious that she wanted to look at me remove my clothes cause even though there was no reason for her to be there as her clothes were on she took a sit on the other side of the locker room having a perfect view at me. At first I was distressed but then lesbian thoughts crossed my mind and I began to slowly let my skirt fall down. Then I took of my shirt, and as I never wear a bra when doing sports, I remained topless showing my curious spectator my lovely boobies. At that moment, panties were the only thing left on me and there was no need for guessing the shape of my pussy as a perfect camel toe revealed even this last secret...Later that night I fingered hard in front of my webcam thinking about that extremely hot scene.