Aug 5, 2008


CharmingTory wants YOU to tell them exactly what to do.

My full name is Victoria! Please remember my name!

I'm cumming to you from my little Sex-Shop. I am a little sex-machine who loves to deepthroat... i can put my 9 inch toy in my cute mouth all the way... would you like to see that... or maybe you want to feel that??? Sometimes I can be funny and crazy... and laughing... and then many guys start to think that I am on drugs... Well! NO! I hate drugs... and don`t like such people who use drugs. My only drug - is SEX. I like sober sex... that gives me a lot of sensuality.
1. My Body
2. Cosmetics
3. High Heels
4. Short Skirts
Favorite Foods:
1. Chocolate
2. Bananas
3. Ice-cream
5. Champagne
6. Fruit juice
7. Coffee
8. Mineral Water
Favorite Activities:
1. Snowboard
2. Skates
3. Swimming
4. Aerobic
Favorite Movies
" Lord of the Rings "; " Harry Potter "; " Leon the Killer "; " The Crow "; " Taxi I, II, III "; " Scary Movie I, II, IV "; " The Chronicles of Narnia-The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe "; " The Ring I, II "; " The Ring (Japan version) "; "XXX"; " XXX the next level "; " Resident Evil ")
Favorite Actors
1. Vin Diesel 2. Orlando Bloum (if to be more exact its role elf Legolas)
Favorite Music
1. Music: Trance; Club; House; D&B; R&B; Hip-Hop; Pop
1. Kittens 2. Little dogs 3. Hamsters
1. Sports Cars!!! I love fast driving.
1. Life 2. Sky 3. Sun 4. Summer 5. Warm summer Rain 6. Mens 7. Sex: hard sex, romanitce sex, sex in unusual places. What sex I shall choose it depends on my mood. But I always like to make a sex under the music. It helps me to create a rhythm... ;)
1. An old age 2. A violent death 3. Bugs 4. Spiders 5. Darkness 6. Loneliness 7. I in general the coward!
1. Cold Russian winter 2. Hard Rock, Metall (music) 3. When sex is necessary to the boy only, and in fact dialogue too is important for me.
All, that my last word.
Want know more? My fun-club open everytime... and when i offline too.
Hehe I can be offline but u will know about this day in diary... i tell you all what happened with me...
You will be have my attantion too much then other
What else in club? free records show? Yes!
Photos? Yes!
A lot of dirty sex? Yes!
Are you sure that you like a dirty sex? I make you to be sure!
But i have a dirty sex just with funs... :( sorry if you not my fun... Then we can learn a slow and romantice sex... if you show me your gard long thing... awwwwww faster??? roughly? harder? Shit! yes!

CharmingTory says: "We double-dare you to guess our ultimate fetish."

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